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About mixing Audio Pros

mixingAudioPros gives you professional online audio mixing and audio mastering from professional recording studios for your music by world class and established audio engineers, engineers that have proved themselves within the music industry of today. With more people writing great music than ever before, the audio engineers within mixingAudioPros will give the edge and take your music to the next level through experience, techniques, equipment and acoustic environments – make a difference.


mixing AudioPros helps you achieve the professional, polished sound you need to let your music make a difference and stand out against the rest. In the competitive music industry of today, the final product is crucial for success, and failure is often due to a lack of creativity, vision, imagination and balance in the audio mix.


Experienced audio engineers from mixing Audio Pros will discuss directly with you the very specific details of your project and establish that creative relationship to make sure you get the outstanding quality service and music just how you want it; be you a small Indie record label, music producer, single artist or music band wanting the best for your project and from as little as US$160 depending on the audio engineer you choose and the amount of work involved.


Have a browse of the audio engineers and see the world famous musicians; the biggest stars in the past and today that these sound engineers have credits for working with.


We would love to see your name there too.

Make a difference!

Apply now or find out more how our online audio mixing and mastering works. http://www.mixingaudiopros.com



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BBC (Wood Green)Blackbird Studios
Pink International (Pink TV)
Versailles Station
Roulette Records
Maarweg Studios
Relief Studio
Start Together Studio
Bauman Audio Media AB
SARL Studio d’enregistrement La Source
Freak’n See Music
University of Örebro
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Finnvox Studios
Hitvision Music
Sound Vision
Metropolis Studios
Real World Studios
Abbey Road Studios (UK)
Real World Studios (UK)
Air Studios (UK)